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Tobias Chapple is a BBC media pro who produced a vid on Sabastian who is named along with his mother in the vid . . . at the moment I’m too lazy to find their names, and sort of not interested in getting mom even more unjustified traffic.  The vid begins with Sabastian’s account of a phone call from his brother saying, “mom has 40,000 followers on youtube.  Sabastian knew immediately what was happening.  Sabastian’s childhood was faced with mom conspiracy theory after mom conspiracy theory including the Rothchild’s were secretly ruling the world with plans to futher enrich themselves while others died.  Sabastian knew mom was riding the Covid19 conspiracy train.  When baseless conspiracies are born there’s a ready audience who know believing and promoting them has no personal consequence.  When the theory goes  . . . poof . . . believers and promoters face no consequences internally or externally.  Members of this ready audience of conspiracy-loving people don’t stop for a moment of introspection to answer: ¿Why did I fall for it?  Dear kind readers: The BBC media by Tobias Chapple is a remarkable piece, because it tells the story from the perspective of a man who as a child believed mom, but along his road to maturity he realized her love did not include love of the truth, and today he’s fortunate to tell the story as an outsider with the rare perspective of a child-mom link to a star of the movement.  Sincerely, Tom Doody

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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