gambling w other’s money

Thankfully I talked to Adam before writing this, because it changes the ending. Dear kind readers: If you have a moment to persuade a Trump voter consider the following. Sincerely, Tom Doody The first step is to get the person to agree Trump was the central figure in the Birther movement. Trump as the central figure can be disputed but but but . . . the Trump supporter should be asked if any other name fits. In other words: _______ was the cental figure in the Birther movement. Adam and I considered other names, but no name fits like Trump’s name. Trump was also the one who finally killed the Birther movement reinforcing that he was the one name that fits best. Other proponents of the Birther movement did not have the power to kill it, but Trump did. Again, first step is to get acceptance that Trump was the central figure from beginning to end in the Birther movement. Next is the unmasking of Michael Flynn. Trump’s inspiration was immediately public when he launched the unmasking of Micheal Flynn, which is now confusing, because, "unmasking" sounds like it has something to do with Covid19, but this was months before Covid19. Unmasking was promoted by Trump and promoted heavily by the Trump-Fox alliance. It was another claim of Obama misdeeds, but like Birther it went POOF — nothing. The DOJ investigated, and found no cause for criminal charges in the unmasking, and Trump and Fox were mute on the subject. The Trump supporter is not likely to admit he or she believed either false claim, but he or she is likely to admit knowing people who did. He or she is likely to have had both Birther and unmasking on his or her social media in abundance. The Trump supporter should be ask. Why ¿Repeat? Why again and again buy Trump’s shit when poof is all one gets. No apology or promise of a new course. Here’s where Adam comes in. Adam gambles, and he likens there willingness to believing Trump’s next notion to gambling. The very heart-felt pain of loss to a non-gambler is nothing to a gambler. Gamblers have rehearsed and practiced ways of coping with loss. There’s an attraction to gambling like the attraction to Trump, but the only problem is he’s gambling with other people’s money.

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