Brooklyn art

Bernie Mac, Red Foxx, Richard Pryor, Isaac Hayes, Michael Jackson, Biggie Small, Tupac, James Brown.  Each of these famous people are dead yet their memory lives.  Their images are painted on a wall at Decatur and Tompkins in Brooklyn, and I was too rushed to snap a pic last night . . . but but but the google-map car scored for me.  To me the least famous is Bernie Mac a comedian who took a stage in a rowdy club, and transformed the audience with: “I’m not afraid of you mutherfukers”, and his fearless stage presence accelerated his fame.  Red Foxx birth was 1922, which makes him way too old and leaves me surprised I knew him at all . . .as Fred Sanford in a TV sit com of my childhood.  Richard Pryor is famous for anyone my age though no moments smack me other than his abundant use of the fuck word.  Isaac Hayes wrote, “Hold On” for Sam and Dave, and on Conan he tells a funny story of writing that song including Sam or Dave shouting from the baño: “hold on I’m coming”.  Isaac voiced Chef from Southpark, and his voice is distinctive and memorable.  Michael Jackson . . . his premature death devastated many, and was sad for me.  I wanted Michael to grow old with us all.  Biggie Small is on the mural as B.I.G, and as I understand Biggie Small was the name he used for himself, but later he learned it was taken, so Biggie went to his grave after being murdered with him being remembered by different names — Juicy.  Tupac broke up with Madonna from prison by letter, and that letter became the legit property of someone else who sold it by auction not long ago.  Madonna tried unsuccessfully to stop the sale.  Knowing the personalities and age I trust Madonna was the  aggressive party of that sexually-active duo.  James Brown I feel good — nada mas. 

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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