dental fear

My daugher became very disciplined about dental hygiene when I lived with her about two decades ago. Her friend and classmate was the daughter of a dentist and the dentist visited Erin’s classroom to school the kids on dental hygiene. To this day I fear my dentist and my daughter when I consider making confessions like I’m about to make. My dentist left Cuba at the dawn of Catro’s Communist revolution as a young adult, and she does not know I changed my dental hygiene, but but but two cavities — ¿Busted? nope the cavities are from old failed fillings. If my daughter or my dentist is reading. A decade ago I quit brushing at night, and only once per day floss and brush in the AM, and with this text I’m declaring I am getting away with a dental-hygiene program my daughter, Erin, and dentist, Dr Marlene Dominguez, would fault me for amen aleluya assalamualaikum mazel tov.

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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