fallen Venezuela

my dear cuz Brian:  u r smarter than this ur sibs r my cousins, and eye know of hardships each of you have had and eye have some sense of the intellectual power, emtional processes, and family support that have pulled each of you passed and beyond . . . u rank among ur sibs and u r smart . . . yet on this Venezuela association of Socialism and a fallen empire it’s wrong Venzuela fell as part of a broken government not a systematic falure of Socialism or any other system the the government cud use as a label while some systems of government has shown more fragile ie. communism, democracy with social programs like we have here in the US with schools, roads, and social security are examples of systems of government that r stable and durable as Ben Franklin said, “if we can keep it”, Venezuela is broken and not becasue its system failed, rather its leaders broke it . . . . the way Chevez and Maduro have b haved they’re capable of breaking any government, please, I’m begging; I’ll do anything, por favor abandon this association btw Socialism and Venzuela’s fall instead contribute to this goverment by engaging the powerful brain u have and advance this democracy2a btr place

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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