WTF Juneteenth

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Juneteenth is news to me, and prior to this year today only meant my cousin’s birthday. The slave trade included the Caribbean and Brazil, and the descendants of those enslaved people were not emancipated on this day. The US population also includes many African immigrants who did not descend from the slave trade making today a day that omits people including me, por supuesto, because I’m white. This omission leaves me trying — trying to simulate what Juneteenth means to me. Three years after formal emancipation slaves were still enslaved in a Texas town, and “WTF” they must have said, “We’ve been free for three years”. The injustice of slavery got overtime in the Texas town, which is on record as the final location of emancipation. Nobody’s free until we’re all free. Like I’ve done a hundred times (literally), “I’ll set the food on the ground between us”, but this time my blow back was an expression of disrespect. It was Omar in Brooklyn, who felt I disrespected him. Omar is black with age and fashion that would make him a likely target for racist police. Young, wearing a durag and a sleeveless beater appearing from a house that appeared condemned. None of this is embelished. The house was dark and appeared to be vacant falling into disrepair. For me to claim Omar felt disrespected, because he’s black is wrong and racist. At least half of my hundred deliveries have been to black people, and many of those customers have fashion like Omar’s and some of these black people live in public housing. What is probably true is systematic racism contributed to Omar being predisposed to concluding my act of Covid safety was actually me disrespecting him. The subtleties that followed quickly deescalated the tense moment after I said I’d hand him the bag of Shake Shack if he took a step back. Omar did, and we had a peaceful exchange and parted without event. Dear kind readers: All this preamble for one point. Sincerely, Tom Doody. I recovered from my misstep, by effective de-escalation. As I accept systematic racism and not skin color as cause of tension Omar and I got past our trouble. Today, Juneteenth, I imagine those final emancipated slaves who had been fuck and descended from people who had been fuck by white people, and these Texas town emancipated slaves realized emancipation formally predated their emancipation by three years — a bonus white fucking. I have reason to be happy on this Juneteenth as I imagine the joy of those Texas town emancipated slaves. Systematic racism predisposed Omar to feeling disrespected. My white skin left me out of past Juneteeths. Omar and I have equal reasons to feel the joy of this day. »» about me 302-990-2346

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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