middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Matt Longhunter09 looks like a cop with a cop haircut, and stereotype places him among other cops and supporters of Trump, but the vid I watched of him leaves no trace of political alignment. He talks of the need to deescalate or “going from 100 mph to 3 mph” as he put it. Chauvin and other cops who beat or kill perps when apprehended fail to deescalate, and Longhunter09 is critical of them. Longhunter09 also criticizes the cops who allow unnecessary violence. Though Longhunter09 did not say it his words point to systematic police problems over “bad apple”. Deescalation is something I learned about and practiced starting more than a couple of decades ago, and in time I saw the petty arguments downing my first marriage as petty arguments that were downing my first marriage, and I got calm in the heat of battle. Deescalation was fully on board with me in 2000 during one of my first separations from my first wife, and my sister and mother came to Philadelphia in a sense to slap me around and push me back home. A leisurely walk after lunch at Rittenhouse Square brought us near a sculpture, and in our exchange my sister got angry, and I said, “I have enough angry women in my life”. What was different from me as a child and teenager was my failure to take the bait, and my sister said, “I don’t think you do”. This phrase was delivered with a punch of intensity, angry expression, and finger shaking. Dear kind readers: Think for a minute how dumb my sister’s phrase was. Sincerely, Tom Doody Like a lot of the dumb things people say in anger this was especailly dumb. In effect my sister was saying I need more angry women in my life — nope — the rest is history. In the time that followed my first marriage ended, and in effect I got four exwifes in one process. I very much wanted zero angry women in my life, which is how I live today. The sculpture near my sister and I at the aforementioned intense moment is a lion killing a snake, which I viewed on google last night. Deescalation began navigating me to where I am today with a peaceful home life and only an occasional cameo from an angry woman. Just as Christian Cooper got from Amy Cooper we cannot expect zero angry women, but Christian is probably close — me too. »» about me 302-990-2346

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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