Tom Brady best ever

amiga: ur reply2my art and text about the NFL players 1of them local arrested bc they’re accused of steeling money fr their gambling amigos is x pected: confused by NFL so here’s a short course: ONE: muted by the fact ur a member of the NY sports market New England Patriots and Tom Brady r the best 2play the game — ever — TWO: violent sports like boxing and NFL r in the news more 4bad things bc their stars do violent things including beating their girlfriends and wives since NFL has more headline-worthy stars NFL gets a lot of bad news THREE: an Irish woman who served Hana and yo in a sport bar with NFL on many screens described her confusion about the game (note: she wanted2understand the game and u have not voice this goal) here’s the short course: ppl who don’t get the game x perience no sensation to make verbal noises when the crowd erupts, and it’s bc NFL has mini-touchdowns call first downs, so . . . . if ur motivated and NFL has another season then ask some1fr ur entourage 2x plain 1st downs fr there the game b gins 2b x citing 2nd2baseball NFL is the best American sport

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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