socially transmitted disease

Kikis is a cool restaurant on Division in NYC, and no body would know about Division in NYC if it were not for Kikis. They’re closed — sort of — open for takeout and delivery, and in addition the owner, a man, was tending bar with a few friends. The bar tender seemed more like a host in his own home than a bar tender. He was drunk enough to sound drunk especially when he tried to emphasize the difference between washing one’s hands with soap vs. hand sanitizer. Drunk people have a hard time expressing subtleties. Dear kind readers: Please I’m begging; I’ll do anything, por favor test these phrases yourself. Which claim is easier to make when ¿Drunk? ONE: Tom Brady is the best NFL QB of all time TWO: hand sanitizer is inferior to washing one’s hands with soap. Sincerely, Tom Doody. I witnessed this intimate almost domestic interaction between the bar tender and his friends, aka customers, from my yoga blocks against the wall only about ten feet away yet I felt invisible, and my observations ended when my two Grubhub orders came from kitchen. The bar tender and some of the friends said goodbye and left after exchanging affectionate wet kisses. With this text I am declaring this type of interaction "high quality". Wet kisses and hugs goodbye after drunked debates over the superiority of soap and water over hand sanitzier is high quality. In contrast me leaving food on the floor near the customer in a contact-free change of custody is low quaity. Drunken vis-a-vis debates over sanitizing one’s hands is high quality and a contact-free Grubhub handoff is low quality. All this preamble for one point. Covid19 is a socially transmitted disease, and social interaction of high quality and/or high quantity is most risky. High quanitity would be a crowded bar, church service, sell out crowd of any event, or a standing-room-only bus ride. High quality is a drunken hand-washing debate amoung friends. Currently I’m in what my brother called the germ pool of NYC, and if I get Covid19 I’ll have some peace that I was not engaging in high quality or high quanity social interaction. As NYC gets crowded again I won’t be able to make the same claim, so I’m making alternate plans.

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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  1. Fruityberry says:

    A legend in your own mind!


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