w this txt eye am including Erin’s email address, Erin is my daughter, and eye have reason 2b lieve eye’m not2contact her — eye comply, eye harvested her address off an email from Ellen on the occasion of finding a date 4 a Martha memorial, and eye share Erin’s email address w u, eye will not deny sharing her address w family, and eye am prepared for blowback, eye am not asking you2do anything on my behalf w Erin, my request of ¿U? nada — making the ungraceful transition fr a soiled relationship to pandemic eye sit at this moment in NYC closed-branch bankofamerica ATM space, NYC has a history of helping disease spread, and eye am do ing my best2b safe including wearing Home Depot jersey gloves as a constant reminder not2touch my face and social distance, which feels natural2me with my Grubhub deliveries of abt10 per day the restaurants and hungry New Yorquiños cooperate making this x tra space feel a little more comfortable than it did at1st, but a ramp up and full Manhattan Island reoccupation makes me anxious ciao fr NYC 2 y’all grazie4listening Tomas Tom Tommy Tee

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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