open4biz ¿2early?

cousin Jim: eye saw text soliciting opinions about the open4business state and national governments r considering, and eye hope to connect this txt w ur fb post, there r two ways action is taken: ONE: some1 in authority reacts intellectually and emotionally and establishes policy TWO: people react intellectually and emotionally and change their behavior. Whether it’s Trump, South Korea government, South Korea ppl, or NYC-NJ Path train operators every1is do ing the same thing reacting partly by fear to make changes. Trump has earned trashing for his flip flops, but each has been spontaneous and motivated by fear just as the South Korean Government and it’s ppl, SK was motivated by fear of returning MERS-like virus, and the model of what to fear was appropriately burned in the county’s brains, so their emotional motivation match what’s right unlike r President, eye’ve seen this same motel of motivation by fear at work in NYC with the governor, mayor and Path train operators, weeks in2the lockdown the 1st and last car on the Path trains ran dark, it b came policy to lv the 1st and last car empty 4 the exclusive use of conductors, and eye c this as an employee (not bosses) change motivated by fear to keep themselves safe, all this preamble4one pt: if the governments flip and open b4 the public has garnished personal sense of fear and incorporated their fear in2 a change in b havior, then eye predict it will prove the government acted prematurely

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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