amiga Esperanza eye’m in NYC at Corvo Cafe 39th and Eighth ave, carefully chosen, so eye can finish my coffee and go online w Grubhub and get a share bike very near if eye get a delivery request — grazie4paying my cut of the Bajos de Haina DHL summary of the tech eye installed on your phone: think of the two apps as complicated and simple Google voice is as if eye installed another phone w in ur phone, so when u used google voice it’s as if u set ur phone down and message from a different phone google voice acts as a virtual phone with a number that matches the number on the google DHL listings, google voice app is complicated yahoo app is simple it monitors call notice messages, and allows you to reply from a simple app that sends from ur phone, the complicated app is google voice and it lets you message as if your sending from the number called by the DHL searching person, the yahoo app is simple and it gets DHL call notifications and lets you message from your phone

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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