middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« 17January1920 started Prohibition, and a century later I posted Prohibition100yrs, which triggered an angry exchange with the subject of the post. In the angry exchange my friend tried to trash me with the fact I have one living son who does not show me respect, and a daughter who’s silent to me. My friend’s attempt to leverage my vulnerabilities failed. Bill Clinton’s pre-presidential campaign disclosure gave him protection against a political attack for smoking weed, but later his desperately-guarded secret about a series of blow jobs and sexual intercourse with Monica Lewinski wounded him. All this preamble for one point. I have a low-traffic blog, so though my audience is not large it still has the effect of public disclosure. When I reconcile with a vulnerability in a public way it protects me from my vulnerability being used against me. People fear big tech, because people fear google and facebook know too much, and for me a man who could appear to readers as having few secrets here are my thoughts. When I imagine google and facebook controlled by Fidel Castro during his revolution or Chairman Xi it’s frightening. It gives a government with ill intent the ability to track and kill dissidents with frightening silence. For people who don’t fear being on an institutionalized enemy list (like Richard Nixon had) they have no good reason and some benefit from being less secretive. One benefit I experienced this morning is James Cordon’s three-minute response to Carpool Karaoke controversy. Google news app has an uncanny ability to present stories I care about in a news cocktail curated for me. When James Cordon fell down stairs as host at the opening of an award show I became a fan, but James’ media production exceeds my appetite. Google news app seemed to thread the needle by giving me nothing about Cordon except a ping on the opening of the controversy and today’s closing. Google news app does the same with NFL. I feel confident the Superbowl will never pass without my notice even though I have not watched a game beginning to end since OJ was a superstar. Google news gives me almost zero community news, but when a janitor hung herself in the local high school I knew why kids were home. The sensation could be creepy like Amazon Go knowing I took almond butter off the shelf and walked out, but it doesn’t feel creepy. Invasions of privacy with big tech has a double edge sword with one sharp edge helping me cut through news, and another edge that’s sharp, ready to kill, but hasn’t yet caused mass carnage. »» about me 302-990-2346 contact

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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