phone numbers edning in: 7400 0174 1409 2762 are relavent to this post, my childhood friend severed his friendship with me in a phone call, he was with his family on their way to a 2019 summer rocket launch, and he got so angry with me they ejected him from the Florida cafe, eye took trace amount of pleasure knowing his angry words were detected as unfitting for his surroundings, but then I saw him when the Cleveland Browns played at the Meadowlands 11Semptember2019, and eye was left with no sense of pleasure, today is the century anniversary of prohibition, and it seem abundantly obviouse to me my fiend is an acoholic, knowing my recent moments with him are limit is might be unfair to declare him and aloholic especailly since eye might be ignoring what he has to tell me, but eye’m sure enough to write this post without naming names, the phone numbers were captured by me when my amigo returned home after NYC, and the list seem to be his inner circle and eye was inclued eye’ll consider calling the numbers as no reply to txt

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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3 Responses to prohibition100yrs

  1. Gooseberry says:

    Have you ever pondered your historic battlefield of skewed and damaged relationships spanning many decades? It has one common denominator? YOU
    Thomas the faultless one!
    Ramblings of a madman who needs an immediate psychiatric evaluation.
    – Illuminati


  2. Crunchberry says:

    Have you ever pondered the carnage you have left in regards to relationships over the past few decades? There is one common denominator – YOU.

    Your rambling blog is atrocious and your articulation horrible for an educated individual.

    May I again suggest a full psychiatric evaluation?



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