down w hate

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« I am IDed as Jewish often, and with young Jewish boys roaming Midtown blessing fellow Jews I was approached five times in the same evening ¿Are you Jewish? With Hana and without the boys thought I was Jewish. The hate crimes against Jews gathering to celebrate one of the Hanukkah days in Upstate New York stuck me emotionally, and I came to this cafe to attempt meaningful words expressing my emotion. I entered this 46th Street Bergenline cafe, and I heard a man trying to order sweets in French, so ¿Haiti? I asked, but no Gabon was the correct answer. At my suggestion we turned to Gims who co-created with Maluma memorable Latin pop played everywhere now. The Gabon man was a high-energy man, and left with me wanting more, so whatever had me sad about attacks on Jews passed — at least for the moment. I’m IDed as a Jew, which is different than being Jewish. Jewish people have reason to fear trends of hate acted out against them. The idea of a man driving North from NYC to enter a synagogue to swing a machete at Jews gathered with family to celebrate a special day is horrible. The men, women, and children in this synagogue did nothing to provoke their attacker. The purotrator was caught reentering NYC driving the car with plates matching the getaway car, and the driver was covered in blood. Seems the purpotrator had no obvious plan to successfully evade justice. In addition to my false Jewish ID moments I had just read how NYC hate crimes against Jews rose in 2019 while overall crime was down. I try to imagine being hunted for who I am with zero connection to what I’ve done. The image is horrifying. I use yoga blocks to site in PABT, and Port Authority police have told me to get off the floor many times. I choose my sitting location stratigically to avoid police detection, and when I get popped I vacate. My anxiety of being detected is related to my behavior, and not because of who I am. The Jewish people celebrating with family have reason to fear hate against them on the rise. Unlike me and my cat and mouse game with the police Jews can’t just stand up and suddenly become not Jewish. New York leaders convincingly condemn hate, which matches my purpose of visiting this cafe. I denounce acts of hate. Hate crimes are a special class of crimes, and the more severe penalties for good reason. Down with hate. »» about me 302-990-2346 contact

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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