eye have a first-commenter in the recent week, he writes under the pseudonym Fruity Berry, and I’ve claimed eye can unmask him if he denies that eye know him, people who write under an alias r welcomed on my blog, if 1of u former Squeezit ppl put attn2reading Fruity Berry’s comments I’m sure u’ll know him2, hint: ppl liked me at Squeezit, some didn’t, some avoided me, and1hated me and relentlessly made it known, it’s clear2me Fruity Berry is that1who made his feelings known and he had a history of failing2let bitterness dissipate, amigos: Fruity Berry reminds me wat eye know2b true many of the hundred plus of us at Squeezit passed through milestones in the company of others doing the same: marriages, kids born, kids b came moms and dads, a few in prison, death, divorce , eye’ve visited fb pages2wish happy birthdays pleased at how many people eye c common2the Squeezit years, Fruity Berry’s intense emotion is an additional reinforcement of wat eye’ve known of r time2gether at Squeezit ciao Tomas

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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3 Responses to Squeezit

  1. Fruity Berry says:

    Miles and miles from the real unmasking. Your latest rambling is just another attempt to deviate and believe you know – but the reality is you are being schooled.

    Next time put some effort into your research and you might be closer than a snow storm in July.

    Ciao Tomas ~ Illuminati


  2. Fruity Berry says:

    An attempt at accountability has had no impact on the blog owner who is now on a quest to unmask. All attempts will be fruitless and as a sunset fades into darkness.


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