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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Fruity Berrys comments: ONE: Been following u for a long time TWO: you are simply full of shit THREE: liberal lost in the chaos FOUR: One who has no accountability of a failed life and a parent FIVE: loathed by their children SIX: Kid Rock Twitter followers 610K Jennifer Aniston Twitter followers 129K SEVEN: Kid Rock being a patriot and conservative. I replied promptly ending in: fuck u, because I’ve had times prior I’ve gotten unprovoked insults, and not countered with something nasty only to find the person becomes silent again. Berry broke the pattern of passed insulting commenters by commenting again. I have one serial commenter, Erika, who is known to temporarily double my readership from relatively low and steady, and I predict Fruity Berry will have a similar temporary boost, because his interest is in the same genre as Erika. By Berry’s account he’s a long-time reader of my blog, and I sense he’s a father himself for two reasons: ONE: commonly readers are like the blogger, and I’m a father TWO: Berry’s purpose is to insult me, and he must be a father himself to sleuth out my weakness THREE: If Berry is not a father, then he’s probably lacks something with his father. I’ve compared Berry to Erika, but Berry’s reading comprehension demonstrated by his reading of my Keith-Jen post is below that of Erika’s. Erika’s reading comprehension is long-demonstrated awesome. Berry is also unlike Erika in that I feel Erika does not know me or people who know me in a traditional sense while Berry seems to know me. Berry’s mention of my stroke is a clue that he knew me in 1994 when I had my stroke. Berry accuses me of blaming things on my stroke, which tells me he experienced my stroke as a witness to my family’s struggle to recover. Dear kind readers: Please know a young stroke victim like myself is unconscious during a stroke, and people are experiencing trauma that the stroke victim is not during a coma. Sincerely, Tom Doody. I’ll end with two micro corrections: ONE: my kids don’t loath me only my surviving kids loath (disputed) me TWO: my two surviving kids are no longer kids. »» about me 302-990-2346 contact

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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2 Responses to reply to: Fruity Berrys

  1. Fruity Berry says:

    Dig deep, accountability in life is never an insult. Look hard into the mirror and ask what have you given back to life and country. I would say not much to the latter as most liberalism is a mental disorder. Do not believe to think you know me or my intellect for both are out of your grasp. I could no longer sit idle to your rambling bullshit and commentary. Look up the word Father in the dictionary and ask yourself how do I measure – sperm donor or one that has made a difference.
    Ciao ~ amigo Illuminati


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