Adam’s client

the following txt is spontaneous btw me and1of Adam’s clients . . Adam’s reply2me: “perfect”

amigo: Adam has ur MCM doc and promises a settlement with the company at least as good prob better than the offer presented2u

ur payments r current and ur on track2graduation

u want good credit again and since ur young enough either bankrupcy or Adam’s program followed by proper use of credit will get u btr even x cellent credit

Adam’s program will get you good credit faster than bankruptcy

prob the best part of Adam’s program is that no body does it twice, which not true4bankrupcy — many ppl have multiple bankruptcies — u found a good company w Adam and his amigos u make ur payments at or close2schedule and u’ll graduate on ur way2x cellent credit nvr2repeat ur hardship involving credit again ciao Tomas

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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