middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Dear Erika: Your question: ¿Why am I making it difficult for my readers? is nice to read. I’ll try by highlighting two fresh conversations: ONE: Brett TWO: Omar. First, I’ve tried to make my blogging more grammatically correct while making my one-to-one text more modern. I see people my age writing normally as we were taught in childhood while including OMG. My choice is to be in OMG style or traditional, but not mixed. Brett is fresh and authentic. He’s a merchant processor who pissed me off both on a personal level by being insulting, not helpful, and worst of all he earns more than zero dollars from an account I brought to him. My text to him is one-to-one, so consistent with my fashion choice it’s OMG style, and Brett wrote me in one-to-one, so I don’t feel justified making his text one-to-many, so the Brett story cannot be told properly, because I won’t allow myself to post Brett’s text. The moment Brett and I derailed is when I wrote that he was in a sleazy industry, and he replied, “since you said I was sleazy”. My words did exactly what I wanted them to do, piss him off, while leaving a text trail showing he unnecessarily escalated. Erika: keep in mind I whack a little harder since this is not a peer-to-peer relationship. I am the client, and Brett is the commission sales person getting paid from money I, in part, generate. Omar is also authentic, and Erika you were correct I tried to write from his audio. I met Omar on a beach in Barbados in 2017, and I added his taxi service to google my business. Omar added his amigo Wendell, and both of them get calls through my google account. I have messaging turned on, which creates funny moments like the time I was in Italy, and I got the first message chat asking for help getting a taxi on Omar’s Caribbean island, and ironically I helped. The passenger never knew who I was or where I was. If you were to listen to the audio of Omar you’ll hear him replying to a complaint in English easily comprehended by an American whose ear is tuned away from the Caribbean, but then he erodes into angry talk-to-amigo island English. Omar drove far to get a woman, and it’s clear she was a scammer. In addition to exaggerating claims, and not paying, she also wrote a one-star review. It’s Omar’s second one-star review, and it negatively affects his ranking, so nice-guy Omar’s amigo gets more clicks than he does and Omar is the one who trusted me first. Omar had good reason to be pissed off, so I transcribed what Omar said in the whatsapp vm, and ended up with what you, Erika, commented on. btw my click-tap history reports show flat readership over a decade. The blog began as my therapy to recover from the death of my son, David. I wrote for so long without any meaningful comments, so I never imagined answering to anyone for my words. Sometimes your comments, Erika, say to me: dummy, don’t4get u have readers. In addition to being effective son-died therapy I have seen more clicks, taps, and comments on 2June, which feels good. A lot of people shared a feeling of loss in the name of my first-born son, David, and more than a decade later some of us continue to explore emotion in his name on the day he was born. Sincerely, Tom Doody »» about me 302-990-2346 contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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