Barbados audio

that was a girl eye did a job4today she called me everything Tom u understand me eye come2Hagget Hall2meet her in Mt. Friendship she wants2get2Church understand me eye rushed2get her carry her2her destination may b past80KM just cruzin’ under80 anyhow we wr near2her destination the woman was just angry thot she was in a rush carry her up the road and get back downtwn u know wat eye mean so like eye just tried2get her2her destination she was in a rush eye thot she was may b not u know wat eye mean if u want me2drive20 eye can drive20but eye had traffic b hind me so eye cud do 20but it’s nota20 km zone it’s80KM on the highway they she walked away and didn’t want2pay any money understand wat eye mean u got2pay me25dollars then the job was35dollars u undersand the job was35dollars she was near2her destintion but she didn’t want2pay eye don’t care wat she said in the comment but eye did my job in a professional manner and the car wasn’t nasty like she was talkin’ abt u can still write a reply eye don’t understand it got me disturbed2 this is 3September2019 and I Tom Doody middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel and eye am writing from New Jersey today is the same day the event happened that was complained about by Resha Harding, Resha probably has other alias bc she well it’s like Drake raps they want the code4the wifi so they can show pictures of friends who r not really friends my take is Omar is out there on the road and on google earning his money with a car cleaner than Ms. Harding’s house and if Ms. Harding had a car it wud b dirtier than Omar’s car Ms. Harding was only trying2get a free ride like the pple in NYCwho bring their own cockroach in2the restaurant and then demand a free meal it makes me angry2hear Omar disturbed by this bc he’s out there working hard w rating and google x posure but Ms. Harding is like the ppl on twitter who x pose nada wat eye say2Ms. Harding: b more like1of ur brave country women Rihanna whose out there creating and x posed2all and all the negative trolls of the internet

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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2 Responses to Barbados audio

  1. Erika M says:

    Tom- I have to be brutally honest. Your posts are getting increasingly harder to read and comprehend due to your unusual habit of mixing numbers into your text (2 instead of to), running words together & odd & hard to follow sentence structure. It’s too much work for the casual reader. I’ve been reading your blog for years but in the last six months or so I find myself attempting to read a new post & then just giving up due to it being just too much effort to try and decipher what it is that you’re trying to say. It is truly a struggle Tom. The post I’m commenting on is a prime example of this. Just trying to crack this code gives me a splitting headache. It’s like you are trying to use voice to text and then not going back to edit what you’ve dictated. I know you value and want readers to frequent your blog so why are you making it so hard for us???

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