mighty criminal

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Years ago I reduced my emotional attachment to the success of my Indian companies. While I can’t claim I’m indifferent I can claim a blocked sales text like the one I got moments ago only had a mild emotional punch, and my engagement in the solution will only be by request. Like the Mad Magazine man, “me worry”. With a different business that’s not registered yet I got denied attempting to buy phone services from Mighycall. In the process I presented a lot including my driver’s license, and a pic of the card I used. Mightycall wanted a management agreement forming the company, which is an internal document, and with partner cooperation we could have complied, but my partners relented. The 39.99 USB payment was still processing, so Mightycall released the charge, and I’m whole. The funny part starts with me being a dick to the Mightycall agent in St. Petersburg Russia. JOE said: I completely understand, but ME: Joe you can’t say you completely understand and then say but. If you completely understand, then but has no place. Joe’s English was great, and he remained poised, but started leaking. The thorough security checks were trying to prevent recurring disasters. Joe admitted Mightycall got itself the target of criminal investigations, because their numbers were used for criminal purpose. Given Russia and Trump buoyed in the news this St. Petersburg Mightycall clearance event seemed interesting — ciao2Mightycall »» about me 302-990-2346 contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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