¿How much?

¿How much? ppl ask again and again as if the person is going to reconcile my effort against juicer pay2decide if it’s worth it . . . it’s a stupid question they b gin trying to equate it to job pay (yesterday I earned about six per hour) which is useful in some way and also dumb bc — yesterday eye persuaded my wife2collect scooters w me we needed2visit Fedex in Hoboken and yes my pitch was slightly more persuasive since the Fedex visit was two of Hana’s emerchandizing tasks also part of my pitch2Hana was if we collect scooters, then we can pay4r train fare the weather was favorable and r evening wud have included a walk even wo scooters, so Hana gave me a yes, and it was awesome in less than two hours we redistributed five scooters, and Fedex and ended at Trader Joe’s we walked around Hoboken doing the things we’d do anyway while earning r HBLR train fare it was fun Hana’s juicer approval is delayed — gotta write Lime — if she was approved then we cud reserve two at a time

(100% x $2.00)


Lime-S #XXX-482
(100% x $2.00)


(100% x $2.00)


(100% x $2.00)


(100% x $2.00)





About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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