Memorial Day

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Drew, Nelson, my sis, mom, and bro are in the pic. U. Joe hosted at OSU golf course Columbus Ohio circa 1976. Drew is a cousin on my dad’s side, and Joe is my mom’s bro, so Drew being invited to the event says something nice about the openness of the occasion. Joe’s generosity, and endurance made him famous for good reason on both sides of my family. The pic is deeply emotional for me. Nelson was later actively cut from my family by females, and reappeared in indescribably importance during my recovery from my late son’s, David’s, death. At the time I was feeling the purge from my first marital family, and Nelson’s engagement with me was powerful. I also felt devious when I first posted the pic more than a decade ago, because it pulled from the archives, and had my sis and Nelson near one another. Even though this sis was not Nelson’s ex she had a hand in my family’s purging attempt. I never faced any blowback for posting the pic, and now it’s way too late. I might have responded to blowback like there we a valid point, but time has softened any trace to valid objections. There’s Joe 1915 – 2012 in the middle with me near. Joe was my mother’s oldest sibling and only bro. He was the first born with three sisters with Martha his youngest, and I’ll always believe his favorite. Joe’s wife, Rosemary, was an ¿Orphan?, so we didn’t share Joe with her side of the family. Joe served Arthur Anderson before and after his service in WWII where he was in the, “break out” (don’t fully know what this means, it’s battle talk). Joe survived my first born, David, which is totally crazy to me. Joe always seemed old to me, and my first born baby died before him, which is why, “after mom or dad dies” said by anyone is a phrase I commonly correct, “if we survive mom” or “if we survive dad” is better. Today I remember Francis Joseph Rachor 1915 – 2012. Joe made being elderly attractive. »» about me 302-990-2346 contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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