Dem fuckups y missteps

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« I waited after the Mueller report knowing it was too long to read fully, and I found WSJ, who gave a series of excerpts with a sentence explaining their choice. WSJ was a lot of text, but not too much, and the ratio of Mueller text to WSJ text was high. Some of my comments: ONE: Dems exaggerated AG Barr’s missteps Barr was spinning not lying, which is regrettable given his position, but mild compared the sins in the report TWO: Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ lies are terrible, and her clumsy, “clarification” “heat of the moment” comments exemplified her terribleness. Sarah, Lance Armstrong, and Elizabeth Holmes lie so comfortably making them _______ THREE: Trump’s lies expose problems with democracy, if supporters can continue to support anyone who lies and has people who surround him or her lie too, then — like Antonio says in Scarface, “Alex, we got a problem” FOUR a DC Dem elected official was on Fox with an opportunity to set collusion aside and focus on lies, incompetence, and Trump’s obstruction, but the Dem missed it and whined about the Trump Tower Meeting as a meeting that should have been declined and reported to FBI — well maybe — but again focus on Trump’s repeated attempts to circumnavigate the law FIVE: anyone who declares: “exoneration” must be illiterate or has a contaminated thought process. The planning to fire James Comey was planned only with Jared and a Trump personal attorney. A big decision like firing the Director should happen with the President’s staff who have official positions and accountability, but Trump chose his amigos. Trump’s choice confirms his White House is failing to govern, and he’s in constant work-around mode. Mueller’s report was a, “key to the city” given to the Dem’s and their fuckups and missed opportunities have been constant. If the Dems don’t unite behind a candidate selected by a transparent and fair process, then it’s Trump2020. »» about me 302-990-2346 contact usf

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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  1. Adam says:

    I am sorry but the WSJ seems to have left out the 17 specific crimes that Mueller would have recommended prosecution for if a sitting president could be indicted. However Mueller did list all of the crimes and the date the statute of limitations would run out if he were not indicted. The crimes I speak of include more than 10 times Trump obstructed justice. Please, i’m begging, i’ll Do anything, Read the whole report! I DID.

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