strip-down marriage

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Strip-down marriage, and I’m not referring to disrobing. Strip down captures the idea of reducing a marriage to its most basic agreement: couple monogamous sex. There are accounts of make-up sex being good, and these accounts include abuse and injury followed by make up sex. I’m setting aside this abuse-sex pattern, and speaking of a problem marriage with good reason for hope. Marital problems in this genre are likely to also have a pattern of reduced sex. If a couple in this situation finds themselves motivated to save a marriage, then they should consider a stripped-down marriage. They can separate social life, home entrances, beds, food, kitchens, baños, and even agree to only talk to one another with a professional or ameteur counselor present or via text. A bonafide strip-down marriage would even have only one member of the couple attend a special event where the couple was invited. Aside from child care each would not know of or request the other person’s schedule. If the only thing the couple does together is have sex, then focus of sex should include mutual pleasure including a woman in the company of her husband helping with self stimulation, and sex toys should be considered. If a couple attempts a strip down marriage, and by each account the sex is at mutually-agreed frequency, and mutually pleasurable, and the couple divorces, then they would have a host of people including me who thinks they’ve made a mistake or told a incomplete version of the story. Dear kind readers: Imagine talking to a friend whose strip-down marriage ended in divorce. You could approach the friend: ONE: you were having mutually pleasurable sex at an agreeable frequency with the mother of your children TWO: you had peace in your home, and freedom to choose life’s agenda. ¿Divorce? maybe your problem is not your marriage. This text was triggered by an Erika comment. »» about me 302-990-2346 contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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2 Responses to strip-down marriage

  1. Erika M says:

    Tom- thanks for responding to my question. After reading this post I would have to say that I think that what you describe is not a marriage- it’s a roommate with privileges. I can’t imagine such an arrangement being anything but awkward and ultimately only leading to further discourse. If this is what you meant in your earlier posts by eventually having ended up being happy and peaceful if you had stayed in your first marriage then I would submit that this arrangement- particularly with children in the home would have been anything but happy. And certainly not peaceful.

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