vulva’s totality

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« The Guardian by Laura Dodsworth has a fresh feature with up-close pics of vulvas with intimate tales of the women who own the body part. If someone were to see what I was reading it looks scientific and not pornographic, but still I was self conscious, so I copied and pasted, so I could read while mobile a text-only version. The women prompted only by: “the project”, which is not precisely defined, rambled in many directions. It is clear the media pro, Laura Dodsworth, who took the pics and wrote the text let the women talk with no limits on subject or time. The content was then edited to a relatively consistent format giving each woman about the same amount of space. Laura Dodsworth features her own vulva in the piece, and “no” I did not tried to determine which one was hers, but based on age, weight, and race there were some that could be eliminated from consideration. Contrary to what’s believed to be pussy-hair fashion not all women were shaved. The women talked about rape, materbation, labia plastic surgery, penis-conversion surgery, vulva’s negative changes with age, childbirth, cancer, C-section, C-section scar, self confidence, interracial sex, sex with men, sex with women, and organsms. Laura Dodsworth is a true artist who let her subject take it’s own life. The women talked divergently with a pinpointed prompting and no or little boundaries. Trying to think passed my own experience, and thinking broadly as a hetero man I find it easy to imagine all the sexual relationships on track to being LTR only to derail. That part of a woman’s body is complicated, and trying to understand what a man’s sexual partner thinks and feels about this body part is too complicate. It is best for a man to first conquer with his partner: achieve female organsim with regularity together. A woman orgasming in solitude should be considered cheating, but a women from self or electronic stimulation while in intimate space with her partner should be considered a success. With regular female orgasms established then the rest of these wildly divergent topics can be considered with humility. Aboveall this is what I got from Laura Dodsworth’s text: the totality of the vulva is bigger than any man can comprehensively understand. »» about me 302-990-2346 contact us

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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