Cape Town liberal politics y penguins

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Considering famous urban landscapes also famous for natural beauty one of the best is Rio de Janeiro, and now I know Cape Town South Africa ranks near Rio. Table mountain is visible from almost anywhere in the city just like Cristo Redentor of Rio de Janeiro. Cape Town has inexpensive and abundantly available espresso and it’s own whiskey, so the taste and sights of the city were palpable all my waking moments. In addition to the penguins I must talk about liberal politics when talking about Cape Town. While conservative sentiment remains after the death of apartheid the notion that people must remain segregated in economy, marriage, and living has been terminated, and I sense an overwhelming welcome to South Africa’s liberal democracy. Gays live gay without fear, which aligns with my thinking and feels like human rights are prioritized. The country’s currency has not recovered from it’s apartheid-democracy transition, but the country’s economy feels solid and growing. The abundance of homeless drug addicts who beg in the saddest desperate tones is on par with NYC, and sad like NYC. Giving or not giving to the beggars and shaking them was difficult at first, but Hana and I rehearsed a drill after three hits, and practiced it effectively the balance of our stay. While I was in Cape Town I watched a Breitbart vid from back home, and it was a woman taking about transgender in California with a tone soliciting outrage for what she sees as a crisis that needs attention. Watching the vid from a country with active functioning liberal politics I precipitated the following: consenting adults whether tattoos, body piercing, low pants, or transgender have corrections in place. Some people felt a sexual transition is needed, and reversed it just as aging people get tattoos removed. A government broad social change to address the “crisis of transgender” is something that should be left to casual systems, and not laws. Many South Africans alive today lived through the termination of apartheid, and it feels like everyone appreciates the change ushered in by the end of apartheid. Cape Town is the most livable place I’ve visited, and I loved it. »» about me 302-990-2346 contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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