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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« 14:35:00 is within two hours of the today’s longest commercial flight, and I am feeling the reality of my longest flight to date. This South Africa Air flight has no wifi, so I might forget to post this text. Hana and I took NYC ground transportation before the NYC train and NJ bus frequency goes to near near zero during the late night hours. After sleeping on the floor of JFK terminal four we boarded a Saturday morning flight. Flying over the Atlantic exhausting all the daylight, and now it’s quiet well into the night, and flight time to arrival shows the remaining travel time is enough to get a traveler from NYC to Europe. As I put my own thinking against this and other long commercial flights I realize this route might be the longest flight over water. The routes with more flight time all pass over more land. We’ve passed West Africa leaving the coastal cities of Senegal and Gambia to our left, so the detail that lacked at the beginning of our flight became clear as we pass over water and not the land of West Africa. The emotional social condition of anyone who believes the world is flat bothers me. I watched a National Geographic vid investigating flat-earth people, and they are convinced the earth is flat even face with direct evidence. A leader of a California flat-earth group was persuaded to the Salton Sea for a demonstration that shows how a boat goes out of site first at the bottom, because the earth is not flat. He justified how the demonstration failed to disprove his flat-earth thinking, which was a collection of words including, “heat” — stupid. I met a twenty-something man in Bali, and we’re active on chat. He sends me this short vids of the Bali night traffic and noise and his words advancing our conversations. My vids to him often include a crowded daylit La Gran Via. The flat earth person is not persuaded by the disappearing-boat demonstration, but what would he say about my friend chatting with me from nighttime while I’m in sunlight. A flat-earth person should struggle to explain why my Bali friend has nighttime while I’m midday, because a flat earth would have everyone experiencing night together and day together. People on a flat earth would see the same sunrise at the same time. A flight like the one I’m on could chain with other east-moving flights to return me to my destination without going west, which should persuade a flat-earth person, but that demonstration takes a lot time, so a flat-earth person would find east, east, east, east and back home not persuasive. The growing number of flat-earth people bothers me, and I’d love to pull one — just one — off the heap of stupidity. »» about me 302-990-2346 contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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