turd in punch bowl

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Erika and a few other people in my life voice reaction and give me additional opportunities to explain myself, and of the short list Erika is the only one who gives me this opportunity by commenting on this blog, which she has done with: ONE: turd in a punch bowl TWO: shit storm. I believe the context of my post stands alone and my sensationalized opening sentence did exactly what I’d hope, which is make the text more attractive by saying what I didn’t really say when one considers the totality of my, “paternity” post. The BBC text is people suffering severe emotional trauma about an event that is conceivable. Learning dad is not bio dad is a much lesser version of emotional trauma than MH370. In the BBC text people can adjust to DNA secrets nobody dies unnecessarily, and although crimes may be part of the DNA secret knowing dad is not bio dad is not a crime. So if I created a shit storm it’s exactly what I was trying to do, because within the context of the BBC text hundreds and maybe thousands of people in the US this Christmas will learn dad is not bio dad. DNA kids are a leading gift, and maybe my hypothetical shit storm will prepare someone for a gene secret to be unsecreted. Dear Erika: You went directly from the suggestion I am dad to living people, but maybe not bio dad to exwife had an affair, and within the context of the BBC report that’s a short list. Please consider: ONE: woman is unfaithful in an extramarital love affair that leaves the legit partner thinking: “how the fuck was I so stupid” TWO: there is consensual sex, but it’s a one off THREE: there is non-consensual sex with a man who is known by the woman, and had reason to believe sex was green lighted AKA date rape or some sex fitting in this consensual non-consensual gray area FOUR: rape FIVE: The man could have fertility problems and the woman decides to fix his infertility with a sperm donor that remains a secret to all except a few fertility pros, some records, and the woman, there is also a variant of this sperm-donor scheme where the man knows, and it’s mom and dad’s secret together. Sincerely, Tom Doody. Most of the people who are featured in the BBC text are people whose genes tell them a secret and the mother is dead, elderly, or uncooperative. If my sensationalized lead made my text more attractive and got someone to consider what a DNA test might reveal, then — even one — then it’s worth any shit storm directed at me. Many people will receive these kits from family members this Christmas, and a momentary pause before mailing a sample was my goal with my “paternity” post. DNA kits are popular and cheap, and I had word from family I would get one in 2017, but I didn’t, and maybe that relative considered the risk of a gene secret disclosed. Not related to paternity, and only reflecting on Erika’s use of turk in the punch bowl I say this: the analogy is broken considering modern social relationships. A turd in the punch bowl muffles any fun of a social gathering, and the social reaction is both conspicuous and hidden. My sensationalized opening sentence was effective, and “conspicuous and hidden” only partially applies. I get this thoughtful moment to explain to Erika’s conspicuous reaction, but the hidden reactions are beyond hidden they’re secret. »» about me 302-990-2346 contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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