Amromed operating agreement

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« In Amromed’s first corporate resolution I talk about softening some of the formalities of corporate documents, and that first resolution is finalized and approved. The part relevant here is the pledge to avoid getting overly fussy about exact names of people and organizations. If the meaning is clear to likely interested parties, then then a little sloppiness is tolerated. For example Amromed LLC, Amromed USA,, and Amromed AZ are the same thing. The aforementioned list is not an exhaustive list of what Amromed LLC might be called in Amromed Corporate resolutions. Amromed is also the name of the Indian part of this company, and it has nothing attached like, “LLC”. Amromed India might be called Amromed,, Amromed TN or Amromed Tamil Nadu. The aforementioned list is not exhaustive. The business license in the state of Arizona under the name of Amromed LLC started March of 2016. The company’s founder is Niyaz Ahmed, and he had all components to acquire and service medical-billing US clients from India except a US business license and US bank account. Niyaz solicited me, Tom Doody, and I registered the company in the state of Arizona. Arizona was chosen, because I have a link to an experienced person who volunteered to be the statutory agent. Why ¿Arizona? A business license in 2016 in Arizona could be acquired faster than in New Jersey. All components of the company remain with Niyaz in Chennai including, but not limited to: accounting, payroll, HR operations, and company leadership. My, Tom Doody’s, role remains activities that cannot be completed from India. This includes, but is not limited to: business license including modifications, IRS ENI acquisition, opening and closing bank accounts, and paying some bills. Bylaws is understood to be what the company can expect from its members, and what its members can expect of one another. Even though it appears, me, Tom Doody, is the highest level of authority with Amromed LLC the company operates with it’s founder, Niyaz Ahmed, authorizing at the highest level. I, Tom Doody, follows this bylaw. I, Tom Doody, completes significant task on behalf of Amromed, but all significant actions taken on behalf of Amromed are taken with the interaction and authorization of Niyaz Ahmed. Currently most of this authorization happens via google chat from my 902pacific@gmail account. Since I, Tom Doody, am the only member listed on the LLC management structure I can open bank accounts without formalized written authorization of Niyaz. Even though formal authorization is not required by the bank the bylaw I follow requires me to have the authorization of Niyaz before opening or closing a bank account. Another bylaw or expectation of me, Tom Doody, is information disclosure. There are documents and mail needed for the company to function day to day (ie. bank statements), and other documents needed to assure the company’s future (ie. an IRS letter). Allowing me, Tom Doody, lienience of judgment it is the company’s expectation of me to provide all necessary information to Niyaz without undue delay. The bylaw or expectation of Niyaz is the leadership to assure the company’s future by caring for all stakeholders including but not limit to: clients and employees. In addition, Niyaz is tasked with keeping medical legal compliance current and effective. INVOICES: Bylaw or expectation is in the hands of Niyaz to issue invoices. Invoices are currently mailed monthly payable to Amromed LLC. Payments are currently posted to bankofamerica. The balance cycles from high to low as monthly payments are accumulated and payments are made to operations via remit international wire directly to an Amromed State Bank of India account in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. OWNERSHIP: the following ownership statement was agreed to via phone between the company’s founder, Niyaz Ahmed and me, Tom Doody, 24October2018. Amromed has no physical assets in the US. All of the limited services completed by Amromed in the US is done by me, Tom Doody, and I work from a home office with Amromed owning nothing used by me to complete my service to the company. The company’s liquid assets cycle from high to low during the monthly billing cycle. has the assets one would expect to services clients medical-billing needs. These physical assets are phones, computers, and other office equipment. I, Tom Doody, as an authorized LLC member, and by his signature, Niyaz Ahmed, make the following two statements: ONE: relative to Amromed’s physical assets more than three quarter are foreign owned TWO: relative to liquid assets more than three quarters are foreign owned. SHAREHOLDING PATTERN: It is my understanding an LLC does not have shareholders. Legally an LLC has members and relationships and responsibilities are defined in company resolutions. CERTIFICATE OF INCORPORATION: Amromed LLC is licensed in the US state of Arizona, and the state does not issue a certificate of incorporation. The state of Arizona instead offers three things: ONE: a searchable database open to the public without required registration at: A tap on e-corp will find the Amromed LLC license and status. Amromed LLC’s current status is “active” TWO: LLC Member Structure, Amromed’s member structure is a one-page document THREE: Articles of organization, Amromed’s articles or organization is a two-page document. »» about me 302-990-2346 contact us


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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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