call to prayer

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Though my feeds are not empty like Maria Butina’s this is my first bogging from Asia on my recent visit. Sweat-covered body and damp sheets; Hana is quiet by my side, and I am declaring victory over my mild illness that passed within twenty-four hours. There is an element of men who go where no man has gone: ONE: Will Steger who crossed Antartica TWO: Rockefeller who is commonly believed to have been eaten by natives of Papua New Guinea THREE: Anthony Bourdain who told intimate details of his travel woes. Hana is no longer quiet. She is not restful at this time as I am, but she has a more optimistic sense of rest. We are able to hear the five AM call to prayer at the nearby Mosque, and Hana is practicing her audition. Hana has dual citizenship yet she’s more Euro than Americana, and she is more New Yorker than anything, so I think it would be awesome if she collaborated with Cardi B to drop Islam call-to-prayer chants. Hana is quiet again. I am not claiming to be Will Steger, Anthony Bourdain, or Rockefeller, but I claiming to be on an island where few Americans go. Next week I’ll be with Hana in Ubud, and I know there will be more Americans. This is only the next island over, so you would expect to find Americans, but there are few. Gili Trawangan, this island, has no cars, so the internal-combustion engine that bounced me on hard surfaces today while my mild illness was emerging was the first of such I heard for days. A horse and cart brought us with our one very-heavy bag from the ferry to this hotel. “Weird” is how anyone would describe the association of: ONE: party island TWO: Islam, but it seem very much like New York where Muslims look past their ways and carve out a more-pure religious life for themselves. A recent issue for Muslim NYC taxi drivers was the overtly-sexy advertisement on the cabs they were expected to drive. The ads were looked passed by me like nothing yet . . . Muslim drivers seems to say: “I was doing fine until you ask me to drive that car”. One island overt sign of Muslim party-island interaction is the biki image with a ghost-buster line prohibiting. The first time I saw the sign was near the second mosque I visited. With some reasonable limits Muslims and not-Muslims can live together peacefully. In addition to “can” this agreeable commingling is established by centuries. btw today’s call to prayer was at five twelve AM and yesterday’s was at four fifty eight AM. More rest ¿Soon? »» about me 302-990-2346 contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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