prefix first resolution

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« This text is the first corporate resolution of Prefix. Two actions: FIRST: document practices SECOND: making effective the temporary semi-retirement of Rakesh FIRST ACTION: It is common practice when a document is important it must also be formal, but this first action will set formalities aside as it pertains to corporate governance of Prefix. Examples: ONE: the formal title is Prefix Software Solutions LLC, but alternatives can be used without limits. For example, in a document where I am clearly referring to this company I may call it the org, and if any one of the members can be sure within the context of the document that org equals Prefix, then org is a suitable reference TWO: formality and importance tends to favor full legal person names, but this resolution will use the same names we use casually with one another. For example, Kanth and Lakshmikanth is the same person and all members know who we’re talking about. Tom and Tomas is the same person, and all members know who we’re talking about THREE: this resolution also states this org’s preference in using full names as they appear on our passports when signing, but a small error in the signature is tolerated making a document signed: Tom Doody instead of Thomas Brogan Doody valid FOUR: other naming conventions of this org will also be softly enforced. For example, members will not fuss about the proper choice of LLC or corporation. We know from the context of the document LLC or Corporation is: Prefix, which is satisfactory FIVE: other tolerances in this genre are also approved by this first resolution SIX: even though this is referred to as the first resolution, the resolutions will not be numbered SEVEN: Draft resolutions will be discussed by modern methods, so an audio recording, vid, blog post, or text in a chat message can be considered a ready-for-signature resolution EIGHT: external conventions contain what should-be-obsolete concepts like: letterhead, logo, and seal. This org will cause problems for itself by thwarting these relics of pre-internet decades, so we will resolve in the following manner: when a draft represents has agreed upon content, and it’s ready for signature to satisfy external requirements. The text will be transcribed or copied and pasted to any crude app that allows a mix of images and text. Without any effort to make the document look traditional and important, without centering, without lines indicating where to sign the person preparing the document for signature will post the company logo. The company logo is not formally approved though we all know what it looks like, so an error by picking a logo that has been superseded does not invalidate the document. Following the logo is the text of the resolution, and following the text is a smaller image of the logo. This org will consider the logo at the start, “letterhead”, and the smaller logo at the bottom the org seal. No effort needs to be made to make the document look good on 8.5 inch by 11 inch paper, because this resolution recognizes the signed doc is for external purposes, and we will continue to discuss, reference, and revise text on our phones. Resolutions for external-use records will be signed the old fashion way with pen and paper. SECOND ACTION: this resolution will be signed by Rakesh, Kanth, and me, the writer, Tomas, because these three people are listed on the Arizona business license The second action of this resolution is to make effective the temporary semi-retirement of Rakesh making future resolutions require the signatures of Kanth and Tomas only. »» about me 302-990-2346 contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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