high-tech happy

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« It is common in my barrio to leave promo materials at a business. The most common is the four-by-six color glossed printed-on-both-sides to promote live music. My favorite and most eye catching are the mariachi bands who have remained locked to a proven success model: if you’re joined together in something look like it. The talent in other genres dresses like they they’re just friends. Mariachi bands dress like a team. With this text I make a prediction: the world will love mariachi more and more during my lifetime. I want to use the same promotional space to promote credit-card-debt-help services, but . . but . . there’s a series of problems, which I’ve worked through one by one. These commonly-used promo spaces are good . . but but but . . there’s a problem. If I leave ten cards. On my next visit there are zero do I assume they were all distributed, and leave ¿Twenty? or do I assume the promo materials were trashed, and stop using the site to distribute. This may seem like a small problem, but to me it’s big enough to prevent me from using this low-tech time-tested promo technique. My plan to solve this is: I’ll get a rubber stamp, and stamp Post It notes, and leave one Post It note at a time. The one note has a much better chance of finding its way to the hand of a person who freed it from the surface deliberately. In ways I can’t precisely describe I want to buy the nearly-obsolete manual stamp with a handle and a separate ink pad rather than the self-inking type. Seems the manual-ink stamps were part of my parent’s generation, so I had to buy a custom-made manual-inking stamp from Malaysia. Today I approved the stamp design by ebay message with the words: credit-card debt help 915-201-3347 vsagar37. I’m on track to a two-week go moment, when I’ll swap my ubereats work with distributing custom-stamped Post It notes on ATM machines in my barrio, and NYC. The money I earn on ubereats is so embarrassing low that I can earn more with one credit-card-debt client per month. In addition I can swap my attention from my bike-ATM-promo work to DHL, debt, or Prefix tech support in a flash. In contrast, ubereats has a sense of urgency that completes with a call from a client or prospective client. Having the food of a hungry person on my back pressures me to complete the job before turning my full attention to something else. Post It notes and a custom rubber stamp . . . it’s ironic that this low-tech method has me feeling high-tech happy. »» about me 302-990-2346 contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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