¿Yellow? thing

it’s a glass case4reading glasses and sun glasses . . . it’s custom designed and made by me w ubereats food delivery in mind . . . if u imagine a middle-age man who needs reading glasses2c his phone and sun glasses2ride a bicycle in NYC then imagine the frequency that this middle-man might have2switch from sun2reading glasses then u’ll b gin2understand . . . it hangs off my delivery backpack and puts sun and reading glasses in reach . . . . . the problem it fixes is access . . . eye can’t put anything in pockets bc a heat up causes me2strip . . . and then eye dig4my glasses like an amateur . . . u didn’t ask why do eye photo it or how did eye make it . . . happy2anwer if u do ask . . . cold wind and rain2day . . . even the short walk2Hana’s bus stop and the barrio cafe left me changing wet close in my home-office

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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