911 consiracy

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« With additional time this weekend spend on 911 conspiracy I realize accepting the official story, and denying an inside job is not simple. At a minimum accepting the official story requires dismissing a lot of circumstantial evidence. What I do more easily is dismiss the conspiratorial evidence. The shreds of evidence towers one and two fell with controlled demolition is easy for me to dismiss. WTC7 seems to have fallen with an authorized preplan. There are too many accounts of people told to stay clear, and news announcements including, “this is it”. Watching the ¿Fall? of course it looks like a controlled demolition. The suggestion passengers jets did not hit any of the targets and the passengers were abducted and disposed of with the plane carrying them is wrong. The swap theory is wrong as seen by much evidence of each plane at the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania. In addition there is enough evidence in NYC to believe towers one and two were hit by planes that match the official story. In each case wings are missing, but wings are basically aluminum wrapped around fuel tanks, so it’s easy for me to overlook the missing wings. The suggestion of forced passenger calls to loved ones and, “it’s a frame” is easy for me to dismiss. In addition to wreckage of each plane found at the crash sites the idea the passengers were abducted and made calls to loved ones at gunpoint is easy for me to dismiss. In addition it is said the calls can’t be made from a plane, but cells today and then drop a lot of calls, and cells surprisingly make connection when there seems to be no signal. When considered how many passengers tried to make calls (probably triple digits) is easy for me to accept some of those calls got through briefly, and no call was successful and lengthy. With much of the classic loose-change-like evidence flawed it is easy to understand how conspiracy is flawed. Each of the hit conspiracy vids begins with the end. Each of the conspirators begin with the claim of conspiracy and hunt for evidence to support their pre conclusion. One example in a 01:50:00 vid I watched recently is how the conspirator totally discredited NIST yet in the following moments used the same NIST report to refute other evidence. With a government that concludes the puportrators are dead and the government behaves consistent to a closed case it creates a vacuum for conspirators to score. Above all I applaud the conspirators who have taken nothing but their creativity and a laptop to influence thousands. In addition I fault the many people who fault conspirators yet they can’t engage in a debate, because it’s offensive to the memory of the victims. »» about me 302-990-2346 contact us


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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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