Erika’s warning

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« NYTimes wrote about Timberlake’s Super Bowl performance, “the delusion that Justin is a relevant pop star is over”. In addition to the disappointing performance I’ve read Justin was positioned to fall, because of his Janet Jackson missteps, and saying in multiple interviews he was the man-boy who Britney Spears used to terminate her status as a virgin. When sexual maturity described my progress toward adulthood and, “maturity” would be used to describe nothing else about me and my friends there were a lot of boys who bagged about sex. Britney-like moments might have been shouted in a locker room. My ¿Point? There is a great sensitivity about public forums, and Justin’s disclosure of his Britney moments has some people calling foul even today at least a decade later. Dear kind readers: I have managed to garnish some noteworthy attention with my, “Erika’s warning” series, and if you caught this and maybe another one of the series you might be left wondering: “omg what ¿Did? this middle-age bogger disclose”. My best answer would be to find Erika’s comments in my blog, and see what she comments on. I can remember one time Erika commented on a candid recording I posted from Florida with Nan Wallace where Erika was off her theme, but every other time she was on the spot of the private-emotional-personal-love-family-broken-relationships theme. Sincerely, Tom Doody. In addition to Erika highlighting my excess disclosure I got a call from Jeff years ago on the occasion of his release from prison where he objected to a post I wrote about him. “I don’t think I wrote that” was my first reply, and in seconds a blog search revealed I had. At the same moment I said, “that was in the newspaper”, and he hung up. The call duration was only twelve minutes. Aside from Erika’s comments and that moment with Jeff I know of no specific comments traceable to my specific over disclosure. Justin was just a boy bragging about sex, which Trump does without excuse, but boys do with an excuse. Probably a half decade before Justin was having sex with Britney his penis had never gotten hard, and he has reason to think . . . . . it got hard and I did something fun with it wow this sexual maturity thing is going to be great. This Justin example is understandable given his age, and he was also a child star, and public forums come with hypersensitivity. I am sensitive to this public-forum hypersensitivity. In addition I’m aware of a reader’s perspective that my humble, amateur, middle-age recreational blogging can leave someone feeling hurt and exposed as if I were a child star. Dear kind readers: The internet has measures, and you may see facebook likes as a measure, and you also might have reason to be disappointed by zero likes. Trust me on this: click-tap-history reports of popular blogs like wordpress are much more sensitive than facebook likes. It’s this hair-trigger sensitively that allows me to say what is probably true for many unaware people . . . . “Nothing I write is read by zero people”. Sincerely, Tom Doody. Khaled Hosseini famous quote can be twisted into: “celebrity is given randomly and stupidly”. Whether bonafide stars like Michael Phelps, lesser ones like Paris Hilton, and recreational bloggers like me we all have a public forum given without operating instructions. »» about me 302-990-2346 contact us


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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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