Rasta utensils

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« While on the island I could not help comparing Jamaica to Hawaii. There was only a deep ocean where Hawaii is today, and in a Southeasterly direction a lava gun made Kauai, and the other islands, and today the farthest point from Kauai continues grow. Jamaica is not as easy, and I did not find an intro that told me enough to understand what happend to make Jamaica, but I can be sure it’s older than Hawaii. One conspicuous feature is shoreline similar to Aruba loaded with marine fossils. These fossils are especially cool when seen snorkeling in shallow caves where the waves have washed away some of the softer rock leaving fossils in museum-like display. There’s also the high Blue Mountain with the world-famous coffee baring its name. Though it’s true much of the crop goes to Japan there is enough distributed for locals and tourists, and everyone answered, “yes” with certainty each time I acquired if the coffee served was Blue Mountain. My questions became a bull-shit quizz on my part, because the coffee’s flavor left no doubt it was Blue Mountain. Everyone passed my pop quiz, “yes”. Appleton rum is also made and sold on the island, and I think there is little export, because the most likely places to export would be the US, Canada, or the UK, and I . . . . . . well I admit I don’t know how much is exported. Like Barbados with it’s own exclusive rum I enjoyed a little rum daily. Appleton and Blue mountain were a direct hit making a score in favor of Jamaica over Hawaii. I could taste the island, and the residual left me with flavor, mild drunkenness, and a coffee lift each day . . . Even our rushed six AM starts included a rum shot before I left the room, and Blue Montain at a roadside stop. Though I have only trace regret, because I favor experience and back-home procurement over souvenirs . . . . if I schlepped home something what would it ¿Be? Hana: Appleton ME: calabasa bowl and Blue Mountain coffee . . btw the Rastas eat their regimented health mix from calabasa bowls. »» about me 302-990-2346 contact us


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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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