middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« With wifi and my bluthooth keyboard at the Jamaican Hipstrip Montego Bay bar where Hana and I watched the Super Bowl I would have posted a quick negative review of Justin Timberlake’s Halftime performance . . . damn . . my only Jamaica regret. Both Hana and I were intellectually and emotionally prepared for the Montego Bay state of emergency. One of the crime gigs against tourist is secuestrada expresso, which puts the victim in the trunk of a car for four days while the ATM dispenses a series of daily-max withdrawals. With partial denial of my feelings of terror we laughed through it, and arrived on the island feeling prepared. The people in the ghettos are killing one another at an alarming rate, and the crimes against tourist are remarkably low. Hana and I relaxed and felt safe most of the time. Dear kind readers: Maybe all of you are familiar with big-city traffic-jam windscreen washers. Sincerely, Tom Doody. With remarkable skill, speed, and impressive results they clean the screen (windshield), and then ask for money. Resourceful and abundant Jamaicans morph this simple windscreen gig into an overwhelming force servicing tourists. In short: serve first; collect second. Step by step Jamaicans are soliciting tourist for something. Suddenly the kind man who helped us cross a busy chaotic intersection becomes our guide in a seamless transition later presenting charges for his services. It’s the perfect cover in Jamaica, because many Jamaicans help tourists out of kindness and not for targeted financial compensation. I am not foolish enough to claim it’s safe, because we were not victims of crime, but I can say Jamaica was wonderful. Our fifth Caribbean island vacation, and our favorite. The island scrapes the clouds at seven thousand feet above sea level and creates its own weather. The heavy rain in the mountains generates abundant fresh water in the island’s many rivers . . . probably more Jamaicans swim in fresh water rather than sea water, and the many rivers create tourist attractions: ONE: Dunn’s River Falls TWO: Blue Lagoon THREE: Martha Brae River. In addition to the famous photogenic climb of Dunn’s River Falls and bamboo-raft ride of Martha Brae the Blue Lagoon is worthy of mention. Our guide said not only the source water of the Blue Lagoon vanishes from the surface. There is an unusual feature of the island that significant rivers vanishes into the ground, and in the case of the Blue Lagoon commingles with salt water thirty feet below the surface. A resort vacation on the beach in the sun is attractive, and on some islands a resort vacationer can return home knowing the lack of exploration of the tourist attractions amounts a comfortable oversight. Hana and I had several six-AM starts and a lot of driving allowing me to say to a Jamaican, “I’ve visited your island” without risking disappointment that I had only flopped on the beach. »» about me 302-990-2346 contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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