Erika’s warning

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« According to my click-tap-history reports my Erika’s-warning series has gotten noteworthy attention, so . . . and I was having fun anyways . . . I continue. TPO maybe the best reason to accept the risks of Erika’s warning while proceeding with little caution. Erika’s name appears on multiple comments in this blog, and one of her secondary themes is the suspected connection between my soiled relationships and my blogging. Time, places, and occasions that form adult personalities abound while kids pass through puberty. For all the people old enough to have passed through puberty without social media it is like a second puberty. For the moment I’ll imagine Erika’s hypothetical as real. My dad’s sisters named daughters after the characters in Little Women including Amy, Meg, and Beth, but none of my girl cousins were named, “Jo”, so I’ll advance this text using Jo. If Erika’s risks are being realized by me, and I am pissing off my sister, Jo, then I am paying an unknown price for my actions. My soiled relationship with Jo would be a result of my actions though I’m overlooking any lesson I should be heading, because Jo has remained silent to me. This fictitious sister, Jo, would would have passed through puberty without social media, so following my analogy Jo is passing through a second puberty. Just as in puberty sometimes we have moments when we speakup standing up for wrongs, and we harvest some reward. There are also moments that pass followed by regret for not acting. These moments of personality formation are countless, and on the surface seem trivial, but literally some of these forgettable moments were remembered by at least one person viscerally contributing to a personality of a world leader whose actions change history. Mahatma Ghandi and MLK probably had moments in their formative years where they saw violence in such a way making them pacifists. In my naming Jo to give flesh to Erika’s warning I can imagine that Erika is correct, and I am paying a price with Jo for my blogging, and conversely Jo is passing through a second puberty shaping her personality for the balance of her life. If Erika’s warning was authenticated, and Jo did speak for herself in some way even a message through my brother, then I would be a fool for not atoning for my actions. As it stands with Jo’s victim status based only on suspicion I would again be a fool for altering my course based only on suspicion. I have readers like Erika who read what I write, because some habit form that they don’t have good reason to break. These readers if only for what totals brief moments of a day or week over a long period of time are telling me to continue. They’re telling me the many moments of time they invest by reading keeps their attention while Jo tells me nothing. I end in the same place . . . steady ahead. »» about me 302-990-2346 contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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