Elvis was not overrated

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Though a shocking amount of American pop reached Hana in her Italian childhood Elvis didn’t. At what feels like the end of an Elvis binge I’ll claim, leaving room for Hana to deny, she found Elvis unexpectedly talented, attractive, and sexy . . . por supuesto she did. What I’ve known, and confirmed throughout our Elvis binge is that he was was nearly equally liked by the men of his day. The fondness of men is conspicuous during an intimate setting in 1968 when he performs a flawd version of Heartbreak Hotel. I assured Hana that Adam would know this lyrics trivia, and without a moment’s hesitation he said, “Lonely Street” after ¿On what Street would you find Heartbreak Hotel? I was so sure Adam would know this, because his dad follows my parents’ birthyears by about a decade, and my parents loved Frank Sinatra, so the math puts Adam’s dad in the King’s day. y favorite is Heartbreak Hotel, and more specifically Elvis’s 1968 version, which rises to the top on so many google searches. That 1968 performance is awesome, and it’s the same year Elvis became a father, and it also marks the beginning of his ugly, undignifying decline, and death. Dear kind readers: Elvis reached unprecedented popularity, so it’s hard to pick one song. You may have your favorite as I do, but the other question is: ¿Biggest hit? Even the Elvis fanatics living today could not say, “Hound Dog” is incorrect though it’s a question that could start arguments in a select crowd. Also included in our Elvis binge was Honeymoon in Vegas, which was a stupid, silly, predictable love story saved by the Elvis touch. We learned later also in our reading binge: Elvis and Priscilla were married in Vegas. Like James Dean and Michael Jackson many fans never accepted Elvis died the day his death certificate was issued. There are reports of a black helicopter at Graceland before his death went public though that’s hearsay and there is only sheds of other conspiratorial evidence to support the Elvis fake-death theory. I dismiss the fake-death claims, and add . . . no one in his life also disappeared with him. Hana and I stayed home during much of the last several days with Elvis alive and adding warmth to our home. The King was not overrated. »» about me 302-990-2346 contact us


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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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