middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Amigo Kanth: Only a short study of the history of tech support from India in the US market, says any business matching the India-US-tech-support model must be careful. Our five disputes todate with one well-written venomous comment posted in the archives of this blog worried me . . . a little. I surrendered the money to the clients promptly, and Prefix has a plan to have Indians react to disputes faster than our one American, me, can possibly react. My worries from these five disputes are snuffed. The next worry was Willa. The woman did not file a dispute, but she did complain about lack of access. I reacted promptly, and you reacted appropriately, and as you said, “Willa is happy”. My Willa worry is now snuffed. The nagging worry that will be with me until Prefix files US taxes is: merchant processing. Paypal is our A plan, and we have a square account opened tested, and ready for a transaction in a blink. At this moment with this text it occurs to me I am keeping too much money in Paypal, so I’ll get more disciplined about moving money to bankofamerica. At your suggestion I created a Stripe account. Though it’s not tested yet, I trust I can pay ten dollars with the Prefix bankofamerica card, and then move five dollar back to bankofamerica. Though this test might reveal obstacles I have reason to believe the money will go round trip leaving a portion of a dollar with stripe in fees, and allowing us to declare a tested plan C. Please note: Stripe is different. You may already know this, but Stripe’s app is independent of Stripe. Stripe has created the merchant processing behind the app, but has not created, and has no plans to create the app. Stripe also claims they’ll get wechat. It does not require an insider to know this: if Stripe gets wechat: game over. Stripe will automatically be number one leaving everyone else a distant second. China like India is muy populated, but China unlike India is communist. Ironically here you and I are two capitalist, and I’m claiming communist China will resolve this dispute. It’s only a gut sense of how competition acts in reverse against the most populated country in the world dictating what capitalist leave the market to decide. How ever this merchant-processing battle plays out is unimportant to Prefix. Prefix, with your suggestion, now has a plan A, B, and Stripe, grazie ciao ur amigo Tomas btw it’s Christmas eve, and Hana is working. I am online doing ubereats, but I’m getting no delivery jobs. I’m at Grand Central Terminal, and my space just quieted when a drunk man banging the marble table vanished. Heroine addiction is widespread and visible in NYC. Please note: an empty twenty-four-ounce Becks sits next to me as I write: alcohol and heroin destroys lives. Heroin destroys lives quietly. »» about me 302-990-2346 contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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