Sufi ¿Not? Muslim

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Sufi Muslims were targeted in the recent Sinai Peninsula bombing and dozens-of-gunmen shooting. I see nothing not Muslim about the Sufis, but other Muslims consider them imposters. If they were eating ham sandwiches, praying near human-figure statues, worshiping near Times Square NYC with skin-exposed billboards I could understand the imposter claim. Their fashion, prayer carpets, and mosque all look Muslim to me. I recently read a claim Hawaii is the most diverse state of the US, and compared to New York it might be, but compared to NYC it can’t be. I saw few Indians in Kawai, and very few Spanish-speaking people, which for me favors NYC over Hawaii for diversity. In NYC maybe the most homogenous association of people is the Halal sidewalk food cooks, which was my lunch today. What’s your reaction to the ¿Mosque attack? I asked my predictably Egyptian sidewalk cook, and after a few missteps in language we got traction with him reciting the number killed matching my account. In addition to my sidewalk cook claiming Sufi were not Muslim he seem to do it in a disapproving way. He sees Sufi as imposters, and with no evidence to pinpoint I have the sense my Egyptian sidewalk cook felt the attack was justified. Fucking crazy. what’s so ¿Not Muslim? about Sufis. It is clear dozens of men felt the Sufris impersonation of Muslims warranted a death sentence, but my ¿Sidewalk cook? in happy unified liberal ¿NYC? Given what I know today I would feel better about the State response if the Egyptian leader, Asisi, would have said, “I understand many of my countrymen and countrywomen believe Sufi are not Muslim, but this claim alone is not a threat to you, so get over it. I denounce the Sufi Mosque attack. Craving human homogeneity in today’s modern world is passe. Sufis what ever religion they are human and deserve peace. »» about me 302-990-2346 contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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