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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Like sports fans predict outcomes Adam and I talked over the weekend, and agreed Paul Manafort was one of the person’s charged in the Mueller investigation, but we didn’t talk about other possibilities, and I don’t know Gates. There is a vid on my youtube channel, “Hide 400 million USD”, and the man profiled by NYTimes (read by me) is intensely focused for all of his adult life to keep all the money he can his, and as his divorce unfolds he becomes the subject of a fascinating NYTimes report that includes him desperately trying to keep all money from his wife and daughter. I have reason to associate Gates, Manafort, and this 400-million man in their personality types. Shady is a good word to use when there is suspected crimes, but no investigations, and all three of these men are shady. Gate and Manafort advanced from shady to today’s, “surrender to the FBI”. If I imagine these three as friends (they’re not) I can imagine the reaction of Gates and the 400-million man when Manfort said to his amigos: “I’m going to be Trump’s campaign manager”. Knowing the detailed story of the 400-million man he would have been struck with panic. This is a man who hides himself as a product of hiding his money. The 400-million man knows he’s at risk every minute of every day, and his travel, yachts, and strategically chosen legal addresses shows his fear of exposure. Though the NYTimes did not mention I can be sure the 400-million man did not vote in any country, and he feared politics. Stretching logic I imagine Gates is like the 400-million man, and they would have reacted to Manafort’s move to Trump . . . “oh fuck . . this could be bad for us”. Gate and the 400-million man would have their lawyers testing every financial link to Manafort, and severing all possible ties. Gates may have done this, but . . . . . FBI’s actions today say Gates did not do enough to hide himself from his amigos new political career. This is an exciting week for fans like me: ONE: FBI TWO: MLB »» about me 302-990-2346 contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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