Athony Weiner gets21months

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Fresh on my youtube channel is audio. Anthony Weiner made the cover of multiple local newspapers this week by being sentenced to prison. The man fell from status and respect to convict, and most of the year has passed with Anthony being politically irrelevant, so outside of the NYC area Anthony’s sentencing was probably a small story. The high-school girl being exploited for her body is sad, and when crime is committed on the internet the stereotype criminal is often pictured with a hoodie. The hoodie image reinforces the faceless predator, but Anthony was a Congressman in the United State House of Representatives. As a Congressman if Anthony had worn a hoodie like the stereotype of people who committed the crimes he’s guilty of something would seem off with his fashion. There is some evidence that the girl was trying to exploit Anthony, so maybe the lasting damage to her self worth is small . . hopefully small, but having a man jerk with a few-year post-puberty girl risks lasting negative effects for the victim. I laughed along with everyone at Anthony’s expense when public disclosures included only adult women, but Anthony’s crimes took a decidedly dark turn reading this AM New York story. I don’t agree with those who claimed Anthony’s jail time is light. If light 21 months is not far from the appropriate amount of time. The investigation, successful prosecution, and sentence is most important. The duration is secondary. »» about me 302-990-2346 contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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4 Responses to Athony Weiner gets21months

  1. jaysquires says:

    Hi, Tom. Anthony Weiner is on a personally orchestrated course to self-destruction. He is playing into public sentiment by setting himself up for punishment. I read he can get out in 5 months with good behavior. Good behavior? Is that overcoming his urge to show his inmate his penis? He does not want an early discharge. Coitus interruptus. But he’ll get it and soon be facing the same crucifiers. Hopefully, the next time they’ll let him carry his own cross so he can enjoy the delicious flaying at each station.

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  2. jaysquires says:

    Yes, and that he his driven by forces of which he is not even aware.


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