otro largo de el Atlantico

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Dear my favorite Italian arcitecto: In addition to being my one of my favorite persons you are my fashion idol. DISCLAIMER some of what I claim Hana said is for narrative effect, and as alway I may deny saying it. Hana is resting at home with her feet on track to hit the floor and move her to Bloomingdale’s for the first time in a month in about an hour. She rested nearly all of the time she´s been home with the exception of a few short awake periods when she said: ONE: I hate you TWO: I hate Alejandro THREE: this place is a mess FOUR: we don’t have enough room, and we have to move. These spells are solved with me stepping outside sometimes just outside our apartment on my bucket in the building’s common space, and then I return. Por supuesto, my reaction to Hana’s words of these spells is always, “ciao” with my return after what is never seen as an undue delay. Though Hana would use different words her visit with you was awesome. I know your life is pressured, so having Hana with you for time before a weekend with her return home shortly after the weekend would be good, and she sort of took my advice. Hana’s time with you was awesome including: “Hana there’s a line out here you have to vacate the baño¨. I mean this sincerely, Hana’s time with you was awesome and awesome for me. Hana’s nurturing of her friendship with Mikala is also nice giving her an interruption in twentyfourseven Miyajima. You’ve surrounded yourself with a lot of women making me wish I had come for gender balance if nothing else, and I know there are times at a minimum rare occasions when one or more of those women might find you’re falling short of expectations, but rest assured you are always tops with me. In every situation if I dressed more like you I would have better fashion, and if I were the family man you are I would be a better person. I rest with mamma in your capable hands. Yours from otro largo de el Atlantico, Tomas »» about me 302-990-2346 contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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