medical billing

Chuck Ramus​​ . . . ur pt in posting the ltr is1eye’d like2know more abt . . sincerely . . eye want2call u and know more . . eye hope some1follows me on this . . PROBLEM per CR’s Dr.: medical billing . . . PROBLEM per me: the job of medical billing has high turnover like White House press secretaries . . sincerely it’s part of the job . . . few endure, but but but . . . a company eye’m liked2has several multi-decade medical billers . . por supuesto in India . . with staying power Indian medical billers have along with pricing American companies can’t have . . . eye’d like to advance this conversation with some1and eye’ver turned my childhood amigo’s post in2a commercial announcement . . CR will4give me . . . any1 ¿Listening?


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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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