mobility-limiting fashion

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« I am a partner of Prefix, which has yet to have revenue, but we’re close. Dear kind readers: If you’re a reader this blog periodically you’ve probably read my references to Prefix, but the audience has not yet been my readers, so you probably don’t get it. Here’s the story of Prefix with you in mind. Sincerely, Tom Doody. There are some events of this company that might makes it seem illegal or marginally legal, but it’s safely legal. The company and my two partners are legit with plans to satisfy customers, and pay taxes in two national governments and two states. My two partners were operating this business using paypal causing banking problems, which brought them to me. Scam and corrupt practices in the tech-support industry became common, which pressured banks to get out of the industry. Merchant-processor and payment-gateway providers that chose to stay in the industry classified tech support as high risk. This industry history is what makes Prefix seem marginally legal making me at times feel like a suspect criminal just for attempting a tech-support startup with webpay. After a series of webpay denials with: ONE: bankofamerica TWO: redpayments THREE: United FOUR: Pivotal Payments we surrendered hopes of a webpay startup. Brett the man brokering Prefix had a conversation with an underwriter, and with Brett’s guidance I signed a Pivotal Payment application yesterday for Prefix using traditional credit-card payment and not webpay. I have reason to believe Prefix will be approved, which begs the question: ¿How can a seemingly small change end a series of denials with an approval? Webpay is so efficient that it’s vulnerable to scam and corrupt business practices. Once webpay is open any number of people can direct a buyer to the site, and get him or her to pay. With traditional credit-card payments all payments must be process through a device, so it’s this physical restriction that gives the banks more control. This change from webpay to traditional credit-card payments means: I, Tom Doody, will be the only person authorized to process payments, so my Indians friends when making each sale has to get me on the phone with the buyer who will give me his or her credit-card information, which I will enter on a nine-pin keypad or touchpad. This brings me to one of my tasks for today. I have to study and select a merchant-processing terminal, so I can be ready to take payments in a way that flexes with my movement and fashion. There is a possibility, which I hate, that I’ll have to operate this terminal from a landline . . OMG . . . this crushes my sense of fashion. I’m a man who sits in a cafe pushing the loitering limits, and now I have to schlep coffee back to a ¿Workplace? This image of bad fashion softens knowing this Tom-Doody-overly-dependant startup is expected to be temporary. »» about me 302-990-2346 contact us


About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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