Kesha SAM

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Any importance measure of the Jerry-Seinfeld-Kesha red-carpet snub would rank it worthy of no more than a flash of one news cycle, but for me it will linger. The kind of empathy I feel for underprivileged kids and kids living in poverty is a feeling I can pinpoint, and not a trace of that unsettling emotion gets assigned to Kesha’s red-carpet moment. At the same time I’m not laughing at her expense, because what happened to Kesha is an embarrassing moment I’ve had throughout my life, and maybe I’ll feel that way today, and aside from my premature death the sensation is sure to repeat. Kesha is a young celebrity who has reason to believe Seinfeld knew her. She’s on a red carpet with a full perimeter of people who make it their business to know celebrities. She was struck by spontaneity that allowed her to look passed the manner of her interruption. She also looked passed the impossible outcome of being a stranger to Seinfeld. Stacked with good reason to believe her expectations were reality based she was wrong, and not just wrong red-carpet wrong. On a less-epic form social media allows these hurtful snubs to happen at frequencies never matched by history. My hunt for Hana a decade ago on allowed me to experience the fantasy of love in a flash followed by a hurtful crash, and it happened at never-before frequency. I was hooked. Kesha predictably needs time to recover; I do too, but my recovery cycle is tight. There is some energy for a Saint Angela Fairview Park Ohio reunion next summer, and at this moment that energy has pushed some people into this blog. I have deliberately tucked this text into the bottom of my Kesha text for only the most thorough readers to find. With or without commitment from other need-to-travel reunion attendees I will attend the reunion next summer. Noting reunion plans can easily get over scheduled by weddings and funerals my commitment comes with question. However I will not deliberately schedule flex events without consideration. Kim Mann tipped me to favor my commitment, because her taps made my reverse-Kesha moment. Instead of a friend-request snub Kim replied, “I didn’t get a request”. Awesome I am feeling the opposite of what Kesha must have been feeling. »» about me 302-990-2346 contact us


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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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