blame ¿Potus? 4Qatar

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« All headlines are headline worthy tonight: ONE: Ghost Ship charges TWO: Orlando suicide killer THREE: London attackers FOUR: Trump’s plumbers file charges against NSA woman. Slow news days allow stores to make headlines that are not headline worthy yet these four aforementioned stories would make the headlines each and every day. Dear kind readers: Please, I’m begging; I’ll do anything, por favor, consider the biggest news story of the day might be Qatar. Sincerely, Tom Doody. Of the destabilized Arab world the only enduring national friendships were the Gulf States, and as of today they hate one of their own. Two of the many abrupt changes include: ONE: flights stopped immediately TWO: people are deported both ways. The man who made an ass of himself in Europe and then returned home to announce Climate-Accord exit is the US President. He will be blamed for all things bad just because Qatar is a problem with no clear cause. Dear kind readers: Consider taking a minute to look at the geography and population of Qatar, and compare it with Saudi Arabia. Now consider the unity of decades of diplomatic alliance. Consider with this context how the notion of Qatar being a terror supporter while Saudi Arabia is squeaky clean. Please ask yourself: ¿Really? Sincerely, Tom Doody. Iran has already formally blamed Trump, and other nations are likely to follow. There are hacked emails in this story and Qatar got caught seeking favor over Saudi Arabia, but facts in this case will have little importance. The fact is Trump recently visited Saudi Arabia and today the region is more fucked up than when he arrived. Considering a room full of national heads of state. Wondering how many hands would be raised: Who wants to blame ¿Trump? »» about me 302-990-2346 contact us


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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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