middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Dear kind members of St. Angela Catholic school Fairview Park Ohio class of 1978: I have good reason to believe facebook has prompted everyone to stretch their memory. The profile with double-digit amigos/amigas in common yet one can’t seem to remember ¿Him? or ¿Her? My collections of friends trace to all the places everyone else traces friends to including early childhood, grade school, high school . . etc. Here’s what facebook taught me: once drinking became part of my social life I began to forget at a higher rate, and those college-years profiles that surface are almost all forgotten. For the record: Lisa Roggenburg asked John Patton to ask me about a SAM reunion, so I credit her for starting this. If we have a reunion, and it’s successful everyone will want to take credit. Liz and the other women meeting and planning will be obvious people to credit, but I want the record to show by my account it was Lisa’s first initiative, and telling John Patton is an obvious smart place to start both good ideas and bad ideas. With a voicemail moments ago I solicited Chuck Ramus to make a reversible commitment to attend. This is why I think Tom Doody (me), John Reali, Chuck Ramus and other people whose attendance requires travel to attend have special significance. If John Patton were resistant, and Chuck and I were going then, “John: Chuck and I are traveling from out of state . . you can’t get your ass off the ¿Couch?” ciao amigos amigas Tomas »» nearlincoln contact us


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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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